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We are one of the leading software company providing various online services in Nepal. We are expert in Web development to custom Software development, We have years of experiences for providing these best services to you.

1. Surveychan

Surveychan.com believes in win and win situation for both people taking part in lottery and various business houses investing in advertisement.

People taking part in lottery get chance to win lucky and excited prizes, crazy discounts through our digital lottery system. Business Houses get chance to advertise their products and services directly into the pocket of targeted people taking part in lottery via Mobile Marketing (SMS) along with very effective, filtered and analytical algorithms. This way Chitthaa.com ensures both parties wins.

2. Divine Quotes Morning Shows the day

Like Morning Shows the day, Divine Quotes load motivative quotes daily. A android mobile app to make you motivate on daily basis.

3. Point of Sale in Pokhara

DreamSYS Point of Sale is an optimal and unique software for providing billing and inventory tracking solution suitable for all kinds of hotels,cafe,resturant and bar,Department Stores and all Manufacturing companies.With a more Attractive Graphical interface and User Friendly System,DreamSYS Point of Sale is compatible from windows XP to Windows * and other Linux and Machintosh System.DreamSYS POS is designed to work in Distributed System(ClientServer Architecture).Thus Supporting Multiple Instance of Client to be installed in different Terminal according to Structure of and Organization.

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