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Git Cheat Sheet for newbie and beginners

In today’s world, Collaboration with team members without Version Control Tools are miserable.  Among Version Control(VC),Git is one of effective and productive tools for every developers,designers,analyst,tester,product manager or any stake holder. And best part is Using git you doesn't need much more effort in learning and adapting. Just ¾ command and you are ready ...

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How to Use Facebook As A Powerful Election Tool

Facebook has become the largest social media site ever with millions of daily active users. Facebook helps you to reach out to your followers, voters & local community’s peoples. Using Facebook in a better way helps to attract large volume of voter’s attention towards you. As we all knew, after a ...

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Understanding OAuth From Developer View

What is OAUTH?  OAuth is an open protocol for secure authorization, commonly used as a way for Internet users to authorize websites, applications and mobile to access their information on other websites but without giving them the passwords. This technology is used by giant companies such as Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Twitter to permit the ...

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